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Are you preparing for JEE main and advance?


Mentor by passion, student by profession

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Get One step closer to your
dream IIT!!...
       Under the mentorship of experts from IIT Bombay!!.

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Make your move easy and quick which help you intake decision to choose which suits you,

a group of IITians who aim to help the budding JEE aspirants by dedicatedly guiding them on the right path and preparing them for cracking the demanding exam.

We introduce you to the world of true mentorship and building blocks for a strong foundations to your bright future. Let us come together to create a great teaching and learning experience for both students and mentors

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Provide you direct access to your personal IITian mentor, whom you can contact any time you please.

Individual and personalized guidance to each mentee

our service 

Study Planner
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Customised study plan on daily and weekly basis help you maintain a balance between your daily schooling and your preparation for jee simultaneously without feeling overburdened.

Self Study
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 Reviews that highlight your progress.

 This helps them find out their weak areas so that they can particularly focus on improvement of those particular topic.

Selection of 
Materials & Note
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 Mentors will provide you thier own short notes as well when needed.

Analysis & Explanition from 50+ previous papers. Previous Year Paper Analysis with Topic wise Linkage of last 10 years

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Weekly live interaction
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Weekly Live Sessions of Community of Mentors where you can get to learn more life lessons and academic lessons from Top Experts

Our Initiative 


Finding it difficult to choose from among the millions of paths present in the Sci-Fi Duniya? Well, then you have landed at the perfect spot. We are aiming to provide you with every possible academic help out there. 

This page is managed by IITians to guide the students in making decisions. Class 11 is the most precious stage of school life. It is the time when a student has to choose a branch from thousands available out there.

If you want to be successful find someone who has achieved the result you want and copy what they do and you will achieve the same result "


7 days 

  • 1 personal call 

  • Personal study plan

  • One live session (for exam strategy and real motivation from IITIAN)




21 days 

  • Personal call  

  • Whatsapp community  with us 

  • Organized study plan 

  • Test paper analysis (reform strategy accordingly )

  • Live interaction with (IITIAN)





  • Personal call 

  • Whatsapp community with us 

  • Organized study plan 

  • Test paper analysis (reform strategy accordingly )

  • Live interaction with (IITIAN)



Get all the tools and techniques of the toppers. Know how the Best IITians prepare and give exams. Know their secrets and tools. Apply the same in your prep. Book your Session with ranckin.

Know which study material to study and how to make notes for better preparation. Get guidance on study material, how much time to study, how to make your schedule and what chapters are important.!!!

let's guide you and guard you 

we have expert mentor from IIT BOMBAY, who guide you in journey of achieving your dream college

free jee notes

Grab free hand written notes of physics, chemistry and maths

just by login 


Call/WhatsApp Anytime any time to your personal mentor 

be in community of preparing for same 

Why we 

A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself. An IIT JEE aspirants requires to have a proper guidance under a mentor besides having dedication, determination and hardwork from his or her side. But most of them they do not understand the importance of proper mentor in their preparation period because of which they land in a place where they do not deserve as they deserve much better place than that. Mentors are nothing more (and nothing less) than people with solid experience in an area who are willing to share their knowledge with others.
                            -24X7 Support through chat​                                                                             -Get the Best IITian Mentor             
                            -Free JEE (PCM) notes                                                                                        -Our plan is very economical 
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